See the features our SMS Platform offers to your business.

We are sure you will love our SMS Marketing Platform. Apart from the power of its underlying architecture and the high delivery of your sms campaigns, it is also VERY EASY and VERY FAST to learn and use.

SMS Platform Features

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Quickly jump to the screen you want with the click of a button, or use the horizontal menu for navigation.

Multiple Sender IDs

With only one account from SMSlikethis SMS Marketing Platform you can manage an unlimited number of Sender IDs (i.e. what the recipient sees on their phone when they receive the SMS). Very convenient if you have more than one companies or if you simply send on behalf of a client.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: We only use Direct Routes to send your SMS. This guarantees the highest possible delivery.

Send SMS to Multiple Groups

Choose one or more of your Groups to send an SMS Campaign to them. No need to worry if an SMS Contact exists in more than one groups. The system will automatically filter them out and only send to them once, saving you from complains and saving you money.

Send SMS to a Manual List

If you have a number of contacts that do not belong to a list or you don't want to assign them to a list, no problem. Simply copy the mobile numbers and paste them in the manual list box and send them your message.

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Contact Groups

Assign your contacts to one or more contact lists. You can maintain an unlimited number of contact lists, e.g. All Clients, Greek-Only Clients, English Clients, Limassol Clients, Associates, Employees, etc.


Did you ever send an SMS to a person who asked you not to send them again? And then having to go through a mountain of complains? Well, no more. You simply add their number in the blacklist and, even if this person still is in your contact lists, or even if you import them by mistake in the future, the system will never send them an SMS again.


Get delivery reports to know which of your contacts did not receive your SMS Campaign.

Instant Topup

You can top your account with credits any day and any time. The process is done automatically. Once you pay with Paypal, the credits will be added to your account in a matter of minutes.