SMS Marketing Tips and Advice

SMS Stats, the importance of SMS Personalization, ideas and suggestions for the best use of SMS Marketing in your business. It's all here.

What is SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing or Bulk SMS as some people call it, is the process of using text messages to inform your contacts about new products, promotions or updates.

Benefits of SMS Marketing
More business, increased customer loyalty, instant notification to your customers, the benefits of sms marketing cannot be bypassed.

Using personalization in Bulk SMS
Increase your response rate by 66% just by adding a salutation to your text messages and enjoy higher results from your sms campaigns.

5 ways Bulk SMS can help your business
We give you five nice and simple ways to implement that will help you more with your sms marketing.

5 things your business needs to avoid in SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is good when done good. We are giving you important things to avoid.

Can SMS Marketing bring me more clients?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Read this article which also contains some examples of how you can get more clients through sms.

5 strategies to build your SMS contact list
We give you 5 simple ways that will help you build and increase your SMS contacts.

How to plan your mobile marketing strategy
Following these 6 steps will help you plan an effective SMS marketing strategy. 

SMS statistics and why SMS messaging is still important
Contrary to what some people think, SMS Marketing is booming and continues to increase in use.