We have put together a number of questions in order to better help you make an informed decision.

questions on sending

How many characters is each text message?

160 characters. Please note that special characters like €, @, #, etc count as 2 characters.  

What if my message is very long?

SMSlikethis will combine any message that is longer than 160 characters into one  long message. Your recipients will receive the SMS in one text message.

Do you support Greek characters?

Yes we do. However, please note that the small caps greek letters i..e α, β, γ, etc will reduce the characters (this is universal), so, make sure that you send in GREEK CAPITAL letters, so your text message can still be 160 characters.

Can I use Greek letters on the SenderID?

It is recommended to use only Latin characters (a, b, c, etc) for your SenderID to make sure it appears correctly on the recipient's device when they receive the text message. The SenderID can be a maximum of 11 characters including spaces. This is a universal standard. 

How fast does the sms platform send?

We can send up to 500 SMS per second, so speed is not an issue with us. This is very important as many times you will find yourself having to send an SMS Campaign a bit late. With SMSlikethis  your entire SMS Campaign will be sent in a matter of a few mins.

Do I have to enter my contacts one by one or do you have import tools?

SMSlikethis comes with Importing Tools. All you have to do is to copy your contacts from an excel worksheet and paste them in the system. It's very simple. You can even specify the Group/s to which your Contacts will be added. You can of course add contacts one by one directly from the system if you wish to.

I heard that personalization in messages is very important. What is this and do you offer this capability?

Personalized SMS Messages are indeed very important. In fact studies have shown that a personalized message has 66% more impact than a non-personalized one. Don't you open a message to read it when it starts with your name? SMSlikethis has the ability to send a personal message to each of your contacts by sending just one message! You just add a parameter in the message and SMSlikethis will replace that parameter with the name or salutation of your Contact automatically for every message in your SMS Campaign. So for example one will receive a message starting with Dear Giorgos the next one will receive it with Dear Maria and so on.

questions on pricing

How much does it cost to get the SMS Marketing Platform?

Nothing. You can open your own account on SMSlikethis absolutely free. You only pay for the SMS Credits.

Can I try before I buy any SMS Credits from you?

Absolutely. When you open an account we give you around 10 SMS Credits to try it out.

Do the SMS Credits I buy from you expire?

No. The SMS Credits will be in your account until the day you use them all.

How do I pay for the SMS Credits?

Paypal or Credit Card (through the Paypal account). This is done directly through your account. Please note that VAT is added to the price. If you register as a company you will be able to claim the VAT back of course.

How much time is needed to see the credits in my account?

In less than 5 mins, your credits will be automatically added in your account. You can topup any time and any day as the process is done automatically.

more questions?

Give us a call on 25.377.336 (Mon-Fri 9-1 and 2.30 to 5.30) or email us at support@smslikethis.com and we will be happy to help you.